Consumer Reports Alert – Packaging deception

I know we all have seen the decline of the size of things we buy over the years… like the bags of cookies or chips that when you open are only half full and the response is “things tend to settle in transit” or the one I like is “our consumer testing has shown that our customers prefer a smaller amount of goods due to health reasons” or some such nonsense.

Ok, I may not be the smartest nut in the bag, but that is just plain and simple LYING!

Case in point, the plastic container below, purchased by me dear wife at World Market here in the twin cities.

Now, we won’t even go into the fact that they are imitation flavored, but in fact let’s go with the notion that what you see is NOT what you get. If you were an unsuspecting consumer and bought this item at your local store, you would think you were getting a box full of these candies. But, when you turned over the container you were treated with this sight…


We dug in a bit and found out that almost 1/4 of the expected candy was thin air, a hoax, none to be had!

I put it to you world, don’t stand for this injustice. The next time you find one of these bait and switch tactics take it back to the place you bought it from and demand your money back…

And the very next time it happens to us, that is exactly what we will do… only before we eat them all.

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