SEO results you never dreamed of

So, there I am looking at my website stats and I see a search term that someone landed on my website using and I had to smile.

The term used was “panorama nhl” and naturally I had to go see just where I ranked when someone typed this in. Could you believe number 1? ha ha ha.

Sure enough, there I am up on the top of the Google search results page, at least today I am, but when I read the content that drove the result I was amazed again how powerful content is on the web and yet how many people/companies still don’t get it.

It has been written and talked about quite a lot if you go to any web seminars, but the research shows that

  • 90% of all adults use search to begin a quest for info on the web and there is no reason to think that number will go down.
  • 55% of web users expect to find the top brands in the top few results and
  • 55% of all e-commerce transactions originate from a search listing (Booze-Allen Hamilton).

To me the message is clear, make your website clean and coded to standards and have lots of content that users will be looking for that explain what you are and what you do.

Oh, that search term was a hit because of a post I have on my Panorama section talking about the panorama of a NHL hockey game that I did a few years back. To my knowledge it is the only one of its kind around, but the searcher, whomever they were, landed on my website and hopefully found what they wanted.

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