Web Design World 2008- Chicago

Day one is in the bag at another Thunder Lizard production.  This makes my third web conference and this one seems to be the best… maybe because it is in my backyard being in Chicago, who knows.  But one thing I can tell you, the food has been fantastic.

My other life is that of a web designer and these conferences really help keep one up on the latest and greatest and it is always good to network with others in the same boat as you.

I took the opportunity of the great weather to walk around after dinner and grab some shots of downtown Chicago and hope to do some more tomorrow.  I have not spent any time in Chicago in the past, but I think the family will have to make a trip here in the near future.

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My only Chicago experience was a one day tour de force.  I bought a mono stand on ebay from a guy in Chicago.  I didn’t want to pay shipping so I left early on a Sunday, like 6:30am, and drove straight arriving around 12:30-1:00pm.  I paid the guy his money, loaded the mono stand in the back of our van and headed back, arriving around 8pm or so.

It is much nicer this time to get to spend some “real” time walking and soaking in some of the sights and sound of this great city.

3 thoughts on “Web Design World 2008- Chicago

  1. Web Designer says:

    Wow! Nice experiences. I hope I was there to attend that event. It was a great opportunity for u to attend in that prestigious event. Thanks for sharing your experiences when you were in Chicago. I’m looking forward to attend on the next worldwide web design.

  2. cory says:

    Thanks, it sure was. Every one of these I have been to always pack a lot of info and it takes a while to digest, but very much worth it.

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