How to pass the motorcycle permit

Today I passed my Minnesota motorcycle permit test so I can ride my scooter legally… did I mention that I am getting a scooter? Silly me. Well, I am. The price of gas has gotten out of hand and this is one simple way to cut down on the amount I use for daily commuting and running errands.

I say today I passed because yesterday I failed. Yup, I blew it big time. I did go over the manual and skimmed the pages thinking it would be a cake walk, but I found out just how much I didn’t know after getting only 29 right out of 40 (you could only miss 8 to pass).

Today I tried a different method.

  1. First I found this great website that allows you to take a practice test over and over until you get it right. You can choose the state and what type of test you need, very cool and helpful.
  2. Next I re-read the manual from the State of MN, really read it, and found some of the answers to the questions I missed the other day. I must have done it right this time as I got 32 right out of 35.

The only glitch this time was the State of MN dept of motor vehicles that I was at in Plymouth didn’t take bank cards, only cash or checks. HELLO!! Let’s get with it here MN, who uses checks anymore? Not me, that’s for sure. Other than paying bills monthly I don’t carry around a checkbook. Bank cards rock and should be the preferred method of payment accepted worldwide… there, had to say it. I feel better now.

I did leave a guy hanging though as he leaned over and asked me to help him with a question. “Dude” I muttered under my breath as I moved away to show my disgust at the thought of helping him cheat, only to see him pick the wrong answer and fail his test.

Oh well, I am sure he will be back tomorrow just like me, but maybe a bit wiser.

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