Nikkor 50-300mm ED zoom = LOVE

UPDATEthis lens is now for sale. $900.00 + SOLD 12/1/08.

I have a thing about my Nikons… no, not that kind of thing! I just love the craftsmanship and the name and the history that comes with it. Since I got into photography back in 1983, Nikon has been to me what Mercedes is to a car buff.

The 50-300mm f4.5 zoom is one of those past beauties that still delivers today. Yes, it is not auto focus. So what, I can still work both my hands AND my eyes. The ED version is the cream of the this lens crop and if you keep your eyes out for one, you too might get lucky to.

I found my first one, a non ED, on ebay back in the mid 90’s. I sent it out to have the chip put in to bring it up to modern, metering days, but it was damaged in shipping and lost to sea as they say…

Now, 15 years later I happened upon another one, this time the ED one I wanted anyway, and wasted no time in snatching it up. I have yet to have a job to put it to the test, but I can’t wait for that day. Now I am just trying to get used to it and learn how it likes to be held… ok, enough of the sick over mushy equiptment talk.

Read some great reviews of the lens and see if you agree:

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