April fools, what the heck!

I love Minnesota. I must, I’ve moved back here three different times. After trying the west coast and even Montana, I return to my roots and where I was raised, to home.

But, when March comes around, I don’t want to see snow anymore. None. Zero. So what happened today?

Every year it seems, winter either comes late and stays late, or doesn’t come at all. Sometimes it is cold and sometimes mild. I don’t mind change, that is one of the reasons I like it here. But when it won’t give up and just change, then I get ticked off.

I can see why people move to Florida or Phoenix after 60 some odd years of this. Sometimes seeing those flakes dropping and the thought of picking up that shovel and tossing the snow just seems unthinkable.

I think tonight a extra strong shoot of coffee will have to take the edge off this weather scene. The forecast is 50’s by Friday, we can only hope this is the one time those weather forecaster are right.

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