Illustrator, and a few hours later…

I have been fighting learning Illustrator for years. I always said I was a photographer and didn’t want to be a graphic artist. Well, today I finally installed my copy of Illustrator CS3 and boy am I hooked.

My wife and I were out at our home decor store, IKEA, and we saw a really cool canvas print that she thought would look great in our kitchen. I said, hey, I can do that… so I gave it a try.

I went online and found a whole treasure trove of free .eps files. There are a lot of very talented artists out there offering up their wares and I have to say thanks to all of them.

I created a canvas that was 24″x50″ at 150ppi, that was the space we wanted to fill, then set about getting the colors and style that was similar to what we had seen.

When I was done, my wife said, “Gee honey, that is swell. But it isn’t what I had in mind. Once I see something I get locked into that and this just isn’t what we saw…!” Women, jeesh. Didn’t she know that her man had just create a masterpiece just for her? Oh well. I still had to see it in full color for myself, so I printed it out on my HP 130nr wide format printer and man, it is stunning.

I think I am going to get into Illustrator a whole bunch now. After I go through all the DVD tutorials it will be time to take a few classes, or hit up my graphic design mates and trade them a few hours of one on one training for some photography lessons.

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