Shooting black on white is fun

Hey, when you have to outline a shot on the quick for a friend’s company, who just happens to also be a buddy from college days gone by, isn’t it great when the product is a black bucket? ha ha ha

My friend called me up and asked how my schedule was and if I could knock out a couple shots and outline them for a sales rep to take with him on an out-of-town gig the next day. Easy I say, drop it off and let’s get it done.


Actually, these are two seprate shots put together for the comp they wanted. It was easier to shoot them as singles and then composite them after they were outlined. I like to do that a lot and it ends up making the shots more useful for the client, like if they drop one line or certain product they still have the single shot to use and they don’t have to run out and get another done.

It’s just the kinda guy I am…

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