OBGYN doctors have all the fun

Well, that sounds a little crass, but I mean that they have a pretty neat job. The part about bringing babies into the world that is. As a father of two, I know of what I speak. Seeing that bundle of life emerge and the begining of this journey of life, well, that is a pretty specail thing.

I had the opportunity to learn a bit more about them as a profession whenI photographed a clinic of doctors for their new website and marketing push. OBGYN WEST has 9 doctors here in Minnesota with two clinics and who are about to open a third. What I found out was that these people have a good time and love what they do. Their concern for women and all the issues that women face is genuine and heartfelt.

I was called in to take some headshots of the doctors for marketing materials as well as the web. A few months later I was again asked to shoot them in a group setting as the other photographer they used just didn’t get the shot they wanted. We took care of that as well as a couple new headshots of a few doctors who wanted an updated look for their web pages.

This was the first job I did with my new Nikon D3. I was so happy to get it out of the box and into the field and it made the job very memorable for me. I was almost tempted to shoot all available light due to the D3’s low noise feature, but after a few tests decided to go with the tried but true Photek Softlighter and Norman monolight heads.

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