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Note the uninformed out there, NEVER sign up for automatic updates unless you are sure you want to get taken to the cleaners, like

Upon checking my bank statement today and noticing the withdrawal I thought heck, I don’t need that site anymore… it is one of the worst designed/user experience websites out there anyway, so I canceled the account… or so I thought. It seems if you read the fine print, they say you can quit anytime you want, but don’t go looking for a refund:

3. Refund Policy. All fees relating to Subscription Services, including the initial fees and any subsequent automatic renewal fees (as further described below), are non-refundable.

4. Automatic Renewal Program. Upon your acceptance of an offer for Subscription Services, you will be enrolled in Classmates’ automatic renewal program to help ensure that there is no interruption of your Gold member privileges. Under this program, you authorize Classmates to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the term of the subscription you purchased, and each subsequent term, for the same term length of the subscription you initially purchased (unless otherwise stated in the offer you accepted). Unless you take the necessary steps to remove yourself from Classmates’ automatic renewal program, at the time of each such renewal you authorize Classmates to charge your credit card (or other payment method) at the then-current, non-promotional price for the renewal of your Subscription Services. If you no longer want to be enrolled in Classmates’ automatic renewal program, you can change your renewal status at any time by logging on to Your Account, clicking on “Membership Information”, and changing your renewal option from “automatic” to “manual”. Please note that changing your renewal option in this way will only stop future automatic renewals of your subscription and will not impact any automatic renewals that occurred prior to the date of your status change.

Bogus, lame and any other term you can throw at this doggy doo doo Ts and Cs. Account came up for renewal on Nov. 9th, and I tried to cancel on Nov. 10th… no go schmo! You just bump down to the free account, but they will keep the $39.00 thank you very much.

Must be some mafia backed group that runs this shite site and once you join the family, you ain’t leaving, capiche?

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