Acer United States – Aspire one

Acer United States – Aspire one

I think I have finally found my netbook/notebook!!!  After two attempts, this setup seems to be the real deal for me.

After trying two different netbook configurations, the MSI Wind and the Dell Mini 10, I found the Acer Aspire 1410 and feel that my search has come to an end… and here’s why.

The Atom processor that the first two had, while great for what it is, just couldn’t keep up with, to me, basic web usge demands.  I am a power user I admit and will demand all I can get out of any computer I use, but the Atom just couldn’t deliver but the basics.  Even with 2gigs as the MSI had, it would get hung on streaming video sites and the shrunken keyboard on the MSI was not usable to me.

The Dell was much better overall, higher screen resolution and wonderful keyboard, but with 1gig of NON UPGRADABLE ram, that was just not enough to keep the thing moving along smoothly either.  Both of these had Atom processors, so that is what I sought out to fix.

The Acer has a Intel Core2 Solo processor, and with Vista Home Edition and 4gigs of ram, yes, it is upgradable to 4gigs, it runs so smooth and fast I am blown away.  I have my copy of Windows7 on the way which is included for free and can only image how fast this will go once that gets loaded… oh, and if you are wondering, Photoshop CS4 purrs like a kitten as does Nikon Control Pro2 and everything else I have right now.

So, the lesson is, no mater what you read out there, it may take some trial and error to find a system that works for you and what you want, no matter what the ads or other people say.

No one system will work for everyone, but you will get close enough to be able to work with it and not worry about what it CAN’T do, and that is all anyone can expect.

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