Dell Mini 10 added to the flock

Ok, the days of the “hackintosh” have come and gone. While it was fun to have one and it did work well, the MSI Wind just didn’t cut it. The shrunken keyboard was the main downfall, that and the track pad, and the 1280 x 600 screen resolution was the other.

Those of you who use Photoshop know that the minimum screen resolution is 1280 x 768, so, you would always have to guess or tab in ACR the last three selections cuz they didn’t show, even at full screen.

Anyway, I have moved on to a Dell Mini 10. Now while some are out there crying about how it only has 1gig of ram and no possible way to upgrade, that and the GMA 500 video card which will not run OSX, one has to come to a point where they say will it do what you want and then not worry about the rest.

They keyboard on the Mini 10 is perfect, fits my hands great and no problem typing at all. I have decided to leave it as a PC (gasp, blasphemy…) and see how maybe Windows 7 will run on it or maybe move to Ubuntu… we shall see.

This machine runs PSCS4 just fine as well as Nikon Camera Control Pro2, iTunes and Flock and… you get the idea. What I need it to run it does.

I decided to spit out some wallpapers for this and other netbooks with the HD screens, resolutions of 1366 x 768. Here is the first and more will follow, but at least those that want some hockey wallpaper can enjoy.

Dell Mini 10 wallpaper - US Women's Hockey

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