When Social Media works

socialmedia_works, originally uploaded by Cory Shubert Photography.

UPDATE. Final tally after the weekend of posting to Twitter via Flickr – 902 visits!!! That is a 900% increase from before starting the test. Can you say Oh My Marketing God! Come on, jump in. The water is just fine!

UPDATE. At the end of the day, 702 hits to my Flickr page, up from 96 the day before = 700% increase in traffic!

Here are the results of two things.

1. Now that Flickr can post right to your Twitter account, I have started posting a link to one of my iphone/ipod touch wallpapers with a hash mark of #iphone and the numbers to my Flickr pages, well, look above and see. Amazing results in a few days at the huge traffic growth as a result.

2. Using Flickr groups. I found a few iphone groups and joined and uploaded my wallpapers. Instant hit in traffic.

This is just another example of how Social Media ties people to people and can be leveraged to drive traffic to a website. Nuff said!

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