Facebook – You’re logged in, no you’re not, yes you are…

Ok, I don’t know what is up over at Facebook land, but all day I have had this issue.  I log in, like DUH, and try to go about my business.  My little icon and green circle show I am ON, then I click around and poof, “Your session has timed out, please login.”

Oh really, it has has it?  Then why the hell does it say my name and Logout at the top of the browser window… IT still thinks I am who I am and logged in, so why doesn’t little mister green circle in the bottom right?

Sure enough, if I click anywhere else, there is the beautiful login screen on Facebook.

This has gone on all day long.  And for those physics majors who are just waiting to say, “hey, restart or try a different browser”  save your breath… done it, been there.

I guess the lesson here is that when a site grows by a million users a week and still can’t make a penny, some things must slip through the cracks… LIKE STABILITY.

There, rant over, I feel sooooo much better.

The bright side to all of this, cuz there has to be one right all you feel gooders out there, is that for one full day no one was able to Super Poke me, Send me a pineapple or any of the hundred, nay thousands, of mindless things that Facebook offers up to its user base.

Lucky me!

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