Facebook and their TOS – Alice, this aint Wonderland anymore!

Ok, by now most everyone who Tweets or blogs or has any interest in Facebook beyond posting drunk pics of them from the last kegger has read lots about the TOS change.

I won’t waste cyber air re posting it, just Google. But I will share a link that outlines how FB compares to other Social Media sharing sites.

This is a good read and worth bookmarking.

Stand up world and be heard… 175 million Facebook users can start a revolution!

Hey, how cool is this? Little ol me and this blog post was added to a video news report on RocketBoom.com

I wondered where that incoming traffic was from, now I know!

Well, that didn’t too long. On the forth day the LORD said:
Facebook has reversed — at least temporarily — the quick and quiet change it made to its terms-of-service agreement that broadened its licensing powers over the Web site’s user-posted material.

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