New day, new client

Today was a good day. Good because it is a new year and that is always a good thing, but it was a good day because I started it with a new client.Great Northern Casket Co. is a dealer in, well, caskets. Not a subject most people like to think about, but when the time does come around, these are the folks that sell your casket to the funeral home that you buy to spend eternity in. Ok, maybe not if you have a different sort of religious belief, but let’s not go there…

gnc_casketshotRob and Jeff set up a time to meet and go over their project. Shoot 51 caskets for catalog/web promotion. After all was said and done, we averaged one casket shot each three minutes. That is over three hours of constant shooting.

I used my Nikon D3 and a Nikkor 50mm f2 lens for this. Two Norman ML600s with Chimera Super Large soft-boxes did the heavy work, and the D3 was hardwired via USB into my MacBook. I used Nikon’s Camera Control Pro2 software to control and capture the images as well as offer a live preview which was helpful for the clients to check angle/wrinkles in fabric, etc.

Then I used Adobe Bridge to view the images as they downloaded to the MacBook. The images were all RAW NEFs and were later processed in Adobe LightRoom and then outlined in Adobe Photoshop CS3

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