Props to Subaru for taking care of us

Ok, we have a 2001 Subaru Forester that developed a leaky head gasket.  This is about a $1800.00 repair bill but it seems back in 2004 Subaru sent out an email to owners saying they found this to be an issue with these so they would extend the warranty on them to 8 years or 100k.

Well, we bought ours used in 2007 so we never got the memo, and last week when ours got the issue, we found out we missed the deadline by 4 months or 12k miles.  GULP.

So we did what any scared owner would do, we called our dealer, then Subaru corp. to throw ourselves at their mercy.  And it worked.

Today I got a call from the dealer, Morrie’s in Minnetonka by the way, to say they are going to cover it all… 100%.  Yes Virginia, there IS A GOD!

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