Comcast On Demand is really On Occasion

Once again, as on sooo many other nights while trying to enjoy the Comcast On Demand feature we pay for, the evening turns into a call to customer support only to have them walk us through the reboot process and then.. nada.

I have to say, if any other business ran itself like Comcast, they would be shut down.  No bailout from the government here, just a simple shuttering of the doors and a turn of the key.

We’ve had Comcast for a year and a half and in that time we have had more calls to their customer service dept. to find out why something doesn’t work than any other service provider in our history.  I mean more than Time Warner, AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, DirectTV, DishNetwork… you name it, no other service we have had in our 15 years has been laiden with more headaches and non-work issues than Comcast.

And yet we don’t have any other option other than to dump them and go back to either Dish or DirectTV, then we would have to find a new phone service since we switched to VOIP and also new internet service… and that is just what they bank on.  They suck you in and get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, then make it difficult to switch so you feel you have to stay.

Well, on Monday I will get on the horn and see what our options are and see just what it would take to dump this headache and find a new one, cuz really, they all stink.  The goal is to find the one that stinks less often…

Here’s to companies that do what they say they will do, provide the service they say they will, and charge a fair price for what they end up delivering.  If you find one, please let me know.

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