Servers like their AC units

To all those trying to access my website today and instead found a can’t find it error, don’t be alarmed. It seems my host, BlueHost, had a server issue and mine had to be brought down for a bit.

To the uninformed, a server is a computer in the simplest terms. Most hosts have hundreds of servers sitting in a room quietly doing their work 24/7. What we all know about computers is that they generate heat. Now multiply that by the number of servers you have and, voila, instant sauna.

These rooms that house all these servers need to be cooled, and so most have some pretty hefty AC units running around the clock to keep things on the cool-down. Seems one of those pesky AC units at BlueHost got tired of doing this and crapped out.

To end this boring post, let me just say that in life we can control many things, like picking ones nose or what shoes to wear, but when it comes to our web hosts and what they do with their gear, we are just observers sitting outside the big window watching.

Things are up and back to normal, so now the free flowing of information from this site can continue.

Let’s hope they weren’t picking their nose as they fixed that AC unit…

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