iPod touch 2g and Philips mic is HEAVEN

Ok, now that the second version of the iPod touch is out, we have a way to get audio IN!  And that means that Skype or VOIP is possible.

I picked up this mic after reading a post somewhere on the web that it would work, and boy does it.  Super sound quality for what it is.  I clipped it on my shirt and did a simple audio test with a app I downloaded from the App store called iRecorder- Pocket Voice Recorder and man is it sweet.

Then I downloaded the free app called Fring and setup my Skype account and Gmail and AIM… and now I can voice chat with whomever I want.

Yes, all the naysayers will say, “But don’t you have a cell phone, why not use that?” Well of course I do, but the point is if I so chose to, I can now use my iPod touch and not my cell…. DUH!  : ]

Anyway, if you are wanting such a solution, go grab one of these and try it out… I think you will be happy with it.


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