Hillbillies of Wasilla return home.

I just love that tag for the clan of Palins, now returning home to Alaska to do their best to get back into the groove of 4 wheel drive trucks and fur lined thongs. One has to wonder if the brief taste of life down in the lower 48 has taken hold and given them the glimmer of “what could be”?

I’m sure anyone that has come this close to the land of milk and money (D.C.) has to have some lasting hangover and dreams of what might have been. While the American people have spoken and made their choice for the next four years, others in the far north reaches of our land are starting to plan for the day they might swap their engine heater and snow tires for a convertible and weekly bikini waxes!

Thrift stores be damned, they now have Nieman Marcus and Sacks in their bloodstream, and that is a hard disease to get out once it gets in. If Sarah has her eyes on Ted’s possible vacant seat, she needs to start greasing the wheels that will make it happen. I wonder though how the Senate would feel about a freshman senator that can’t (won’t) go anywhere without the entire clan… maybe they would have to build a nursery next to the chambers for her to entertain them all between voting sessions?

One thing is for sure, we have not heard the last of Sarah Palin. She may disappear for a while from the view of the lower 48, but come 2010 and a half, she will reappear and the Republican posse will once again get whipped into a frenzy for another go at the big house. I wonder if the rest of America will remember who she is and what she didn’t know way back then… but at least we know she is keeping a vigilant eye out her back door for any sneaky Russians trying to take over the Aleutian Islands.

You go Sarah. I will sleep better at nights knowing you are on the watch.

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