Election 2008 – now the messy stuff comes out

Just a quick post with a link to Newsweek’s Secrets of the 2008 Campaign sure to cram all the “real world” behind the scene dirt that all those republican aids can now spit out to the waiting world.

Rest assured, just as is our right in this country, someone will make a buck or two out of some sort of tale of the road that McCain and Palin were on these last months. A book or two, maybe a reality show for another and for sure a Playboy shoot… “Aids in a losing cause” or some such nonsense.

The real question in all of this will be do Americans care anymore who Sarah Palin is and what she does or doesn’t do, other than Alaskans? Only time will tell.
So, go read the article and stop back as they update the chapters… maybe I will bump into you!

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