Canadian Olympic sensorship?

So there I am, surfing around looking at the latest Olympic feed info and come across a video feed from TSN that is supposed to be talking about the “heat in Beijing and at home as the medal drought continues…”, but when I click on the link it says something that I would expect from another nation, not Canada.

When I clicked the link I got the normal short advertising blurb, gotta pay the bills, then a popup window that very plainly says “Canada Only”!

TSN blocking of video feed
TSN blocking of video feed

I don’t know what they are saying that is sooo sensitive, or that other countries should’t read, but I find this to be very interesting.  The news in Canada seems to be all about the lack of medals and how the funding for Canadian atheletes is poor and they can’t compete with the rest of the world without some real changes, and maybe the government is getting tired of it and doing a bit of strong armming of the media?

Funny, when the Canadians or Senators or the beloved Leafs are sucking big time in the NHL, the floodgate is wide open in the media about their woes.  I wonder why the Olympics should be any different?

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