1. Hey Cory, thanks for the linkage and very nice job on those IR pics! Now you have me considering the purchase of a D50 and converting it to IR-only also. Very well done!

  2. cory

    No problem. Thanks for putting up the PS action link. I had been looking around for that one and couldn’t remember where I had seen it, then I stumbled upon yours… so thanks right back at you.

    D50’s should be cheap to pick up and after the conversion it is such a joy shooting IRs.

    Good luck and happy shooting.

  3. Hello Cory

    I read on your website that you recommend Harrison & Harrison IR Filters. You provide there an email and some phone numbers. I tried the email address but they do not respond. I also tried the phone numbers but there is an automatic answer from the Phone company stating that the number in not active. Is there another way to contact them since I am interested to buy a filter from them?

    Regards and thanks a lot!


  4. cory

    Hi Ricardo,

    The last time I spoke with them it sounded like they were very busy and I am not sure how things are now, but keep trying. There are other IR filter options, like the Hoya R72, that are good as well and easy to find in camera stores or online.

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