1. i am working on a 350MB size file that crashes. I am working with a Duel 2 powerPC G5 and Mac OS X 10.4.11 with 8 GB of RAM I tried changing the Cashe to 1 and got a 66% efficiency setting to 8 brought it up to 78%. I can get near 95-100%. any ideas

  2. cory

    Hey Len, I feel your pain.

    There are so many things it “could” be, the first thing to find out is what it “isn’t”.

    Open a file and create a new blank document and make it around 350mb. Then see if PS crashes or what your efficiency settings. If that is all cool, then you can start to see what might be up with this 350mb file you are trying to open now that is causing the crash. Maybe it something to do with the layers, i.e. too many, or bad fonts, etc.

    I guess you just have to start with what works, then try to find out how to get that to work with this file.

    Sorry that isn’t a real definite answer, but post back here on what you find so others can share.

    Good luck,


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