1. Nick

    Hi, I am an ambitious college photographer looking to expand my artsy field since I mostly cover news or sports for my college paper and magazine. I would love to get into IR photography, and was wondering if you could point me in a direction. I shoot with a canon XTi, what IR filter would you recommend and is there any books on IR photography that I can read?


  2. cory

    Hey Nick,

    There are some great resources out there on IR and what cameras work, etc. Here are a few good ones to start with:


    Do a google search for your camera and see if any IR links pop up with others using it.

    A really good IR filter to start with is the Hoya R72 or 89B from Harrison and Harrison. It isn’t as severe a IR cutoff as the 87 or 87C which many digicams just can’t handle.

    Good luck and happy IR-ing!


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