1. I’m wondering how your system will work for the same camera in two different locations and two cameras in two different locations.

    Right now I am using a somewhat awkward setup given to me by Nikon USA support who may know more than I do, but not enough to give me the impression that they are working experts.

    (408) 258-1863
    San Jose, CA USA

  2. CoryShubert

    Hi DeeZer,
    In the early days this was an issue, how to set up different configurations for different locations. I don’t have the WT-2A anymore so I don’t have the book, but wasn’t that what the network settings section was for? The ability to have an A or a B setting? I know I had different presets for hockey vs studio, so maybe that is one way?
    And yes, I have been told by my local pro shop that I knew more about setting these up than the Nikon rep… go figure.
    Good luck, Cory

  3. trsfotografx

    I currently have a D2X, but am considering moving up to the D3. I also have the WT-2A wireless transmitter, and am wondering if it is compatible with the D3.

  4. cory

    Hey trsfotografx,

    No, it is my understanding that the WT-2A will not work with the D3, you would need to upgrade to the WT-4A. I have not so far and am not in the rush I was to have the WT-2A, just not worth the dough right now. Maybe down the road, but things are find now without it.

  5. I’d like to say thanks for the work you’ve done in helping set up a WT-2A. I just bought one on eBay for my D2X as I want to have the capability of “tethering” my cam to my Powerbook, and from what I’ve seen your walk-through will help immensely with the set up. Especially since I don’t have to use Capture 4 to do it as I hated that app. Since PhaseOne and Nikon can’t play nice, and most other tether software apps are very slow in transfer, I see the WT as the only real way to quickly have JPEG sidecars pop up on my laptop screen during a shoot.

    Thanks again, I’m looking forward to the new stuff!

  6. cory

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the kind words. I created the “how to” for the WT-2A because Nikon was unable to write something simple that anyone could follow. I got so frustrated trying to find the info I had to do it myself. Even my pro shop in town send people to me to get them hooked up… ha ha ha.

    Thomas Sapiano was also a huge help in all this and another great resource. I think Nikon owes both of us a free camera someday for the help we have provided “their” user base.

    Anyway, happy shooting and I hope the setup goes well for you.



  7. Cory,

    I got it up and running Friday, walked all over the house and it all worked great. Then Sunday I went to use it and now it won’t work. It “links” to the P’book, then it loses it, and seems to repeat this several times never linking solidly, even if I’m right in front of the laptop. I’ve checked all settings and all seem correct, they’re the same as they were in Friday’s succesful launch. Today I’ll mess with it again, maybe zero everything out and re-enter the info.

    Also, thanks for the Bridge suggestions, ‘D’oh” on my part for not thinking of targetting my D2X folder from Bridge. Still haven’t gotten the folder into my Storage partition, but I will.

    Thanks a bunch for your help!

  8. cory

    Hey Zip,

    Yes, it will work with Leopard. The main issues that can hang people up are using WEP or other security settings that the older WT2A can’t handle, or not turning on file sharing.

    Good luck,

  9. Kamran

    i was going through your tutorial and liked every thing i saw but this is all god got a studio with a router what about when you do shoots at location and want to use it with no wifi??? AD HOC??? and how would i set that up on a MacBookPro running leopard… thanks,

  10. Kamran

    sorry, “is all good if you have a studio”
    and not with no “wifi” but with no “router”…
    sorry kinda typed that quickly…

  11. Has anyone had success connecting the WT2A to a pc (laptop) with built in wireless. I am about ready to toss the whole system?

  12. cory

    When I was out of the studio I used the Belkin travler USB router. The cool thing about this unit was that it was USB powered, no AC needed. The process was to hook up the router and let it send out is IP address, then connect the WT-2A to that network.

    I think if you do some searches on the web for this setup you should find a walk through. I used this setup many times and it worked well

  13. Cory, thanks for all of your help with the Wt-2A. I am trying to connect my D2HS with my imac running leopard 5.6 and cannot figure out how to do it. I’m even thinking that the wt-2a may be faulty. Is there a way to test it? I’m even willing to send it to you postage paid both ways and pay you for your time if you can test it for me. Any ideas. Bob.

  14. cory

    Hi Robert,

    I feel your pain. I have been there so I know this is very frustrating sometimes. Many times this non-connection seems to be router/network setting. One thing to try is make sure file sharing is on in your System Prefs. That can mess up the whole deal if you don’t have that on.

    Next, make sure the path to your folder is correct that you want to upload to. If the lights are flashing in the correct pattern, you should be good to go.

    If you want to send me an email offline I can try to walk through your settings and see if anything jumps out at me.

  15. Gerard Boon

    Hi Cory,I have found your instructions a great help for setting up my WT-2A but I have found no solution to get it to work with Leopard 10.5.7.
    As alast resort I installed Tiger 10.4.11 and everything works without the slightest problem using latest Airport Dual Band stations with WPA2 security.
    The persistent error with 10.5.7 is FTP Error. Even Ad-Hoc fails with same problem!
    My guess is that something must have changed on the FTP-server set up.
    I now also have the WT-4 which does work with Leopard. In setting that up you use the ~ sign in front of specifying the folder used in FTP set-up. This sign is not available on WT-2A Ihave not tried loading a profile to WT-2 from computer and see if that works.
    Hope this might be of some use for people who are struggling with same problem.

  16. cory

    Hi Gerard,

    Thanks for that info and update. Since I don’t have the WT-2A or the newer WT-4, I feel out of the loop as to what works and what doesn’t. I hope others that find this post will be able to get some help from your trials.

    Thanks again,

  17. I’m trying to connect my Nikon D2Hs with the WT2A to my mac OS X 10.5 can you send me info on how to connect them?
    kindest regards

  18. Xy Le

    Hi Cory,

    I might need to call you when I get my D2x and WT2A for helping in setting these things to work with my Macbook Pro running Leopard 10.6!
    Will that be OK?
    Thanks a bunch in advance!
    Xy Le

  19. Xy,
    Did you ever connect your D2X with a WT-2A on the MacBook Pro ?

    If so, would you tell us how you did it >

    thank you

  20. Don Fronek

    Cory……do you have a procedure for setting up the WT-2a on a pc……much like you did for the mac ? (tell me its so…….heh heh heh) seems like it ought to be about the same……since you are setting up the D2X


  21. cory

    Hi, sorry so late to this. I don’t have the WT-2a anymore, so I have no way to test this. Sorry, but I have moved on to the D3 and no wireless setup as it was just too much work… ha ha ha. Good luck.

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