Since 1983, my world has revolved around photography. I have been very blessed to be able to do something that I enjoy and have passion for, and with new technology and gear advancements, the craft is a never ending learning adventure.

ShubertMedia Acquires the Ricoh Theta Z1 360 degree VR camera

The Theta Z1 is a new class of VR camera in that it has two 1″ sensors behind each lens capturing 21 megapixels of detail.

Oh, and it does RAW!

There will be an update for the Insta360 Pro to allow 180 degree 3D image output as well, but for now, this little beauty can do it and is much easier to get into tight spots.

VR is becoming almost common place and the media outlets are finding more and more ways to use it. If you haven’t seen the Oculus Go yet, find one and put it on, you will be amazed.

Keep an eye out for interesting works to follow with this and other VR devices to come.

ShubertMedia Acquires the 3DR Solo Drone

The 3DR Solo drone was a huge hit when it came out a few years ago. Unfortunately, the market was very competitive and the company was not able to survive, at least in the pro-summer one. What was left were many unsold Solo drones. Without support or further growth in the market on the Solo, many people thought they were a bad purchase, and if it was something you used daily in your business, you would have been right.

But when B&H in New York put these units on the market a few weeks ago for $129.00, almost $900 cheaper then when they launched, I thought hmmm, maybe this would be a good platform to mount my GoPro Fusion underneath.

I have to say, holding the Solo and its controller in my hands, this was a well thought out and beautiful piece of hardware. It is sad that they were not able to continue, but such is life. I hope to do some tests and be able to have a dedicated setup for my VRs in the sky.

Stay tuned and I will post the VRs once they happen, but even if they don’t, I am sure I will find a way to have fun with this drone.

ShubertMedia Acquires the Insta360 Pro VR Camera

I am very happy to announce to my clients that ShubertMedia now has the Insta360 Pro VR camera.

This amazing tool will add an amazing level of quality not possible before. With up to 8k of image capture and 4k of streaming live video, the world of VR has now become more exciting, and ShubertMedia is able to offer that today.

I am in the process of dialing in the new camera, and as with any new device, there are some bumps to get things exactly where I want them. But now would be the perfect time to talk about upcoming projects and see for yourself why this camera will bring the quality that is needed to your VR client’s projects.

Add to this the new HMD (Head Mounted Displays) that FaceBook, Lenovo and HTC are working to deliver in 2017, and you will have the perfect creation tool matched with the perfect delivery/presentation tool.

These are exciting times in the VR community.

ShubertMedia Acquires the Autel Robitcs X-Star Premium 4k drone

Cory Shubert of ShubertMedia has his 107 certification from the FAA and is a drone pilot able to fly commercially in the US.

With over two years of drone experience, Cory will work with clients to discuss and find solutions for any drone usage they have. As a FAA certified drone pilot, Cory is versed in all aspects of operating and flying drones in the commercial space, and has proven to the FAA that he will operate his drone in a safe and approved manor.

Feel free to contact me about photo/video needs and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

For samples of my work, click on the graphics below. I hope you enjoy them.

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